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蔡孟廷 助理教授

蔡孟廷 助理教授(Meng-Ting  Tsai Assistant Prof. Ph.D.)

    .電話:02-27712171 分機 2927


    .國立臺北科技大學建築系助理教授 2015年8月1日~迄今


    .1998.09-2003.06  國立成功大學, 土木工程系學士
    .2003.09-2006.06  國立成功大學, 建築研究所碩士
    .2007.11-2010.01   New Space International Architecture Practice, Singapore專案設計師
    .2010.10-2013.09  日本東京大學, 建築專攻博士
    .2012.08-2012.10   維也納工業大學, 交換研究員
    .2013.09-2014.04   國立台灣科技大學建築系,兼任助理教授
    .2014.05-2015.07   國立台灣科技大學建築系,專案助理教授


    .1.“Experimental Study on Stress-Strain Relationship of Mud-Plaster Wall withDifferent Additives”, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 647-653, 2015/10 (EI)
    .2.“Evaluation model of the five story horizontally-mixed hybrid timber structure,”ICUS Report Vol.2, pp.729-738, the University of Tokyo, Japan, 2011/12
    .3.“日式編竹夾泥牆在水平返覆加載下之結構行為,”建築學報, pp.91~116, 2007/12 (TSSCI)


    .1.臺灣古蹟歷史建築耐震補強觀念與做法, 第六屆「海峽兩岸文化遺產論壇」, 蘇州, 2014/10

    .2.校舍耐震補強之造形設計, 第十二屆「結構工程暨第二屆地震工程研討會」, 高雄, 2014/08

    .3.The Study and Proposed Application of the Multi-Storey Hybrid Timber Structural  System onthe Design Flexibility and Hazard Prevention, Proceedings of World  Conference on Timber Engineering, Quebec City, Canada, 2014/08

    .4.The Feasibility of the Metabolism of the Row Houses Renovated with HybridTimber System in Taiwan - Part 2. The Study of Structural System -,Proceedings of the 9th ISAIA, Paper no. F-2-3, Gwang-Ju, Korea, 2012/10

    .5.The Feasibility of the Metabolism of the Row Houses Renovated with Hybrid Timber System in Taiwan - Part 1. The study of Spatial Diversity -,Proceedings of the 9th ISAIA, Paper no. A-10-7, Gwang-Ju, Korea, 2012/10

    .6.模型5 階建て木質複合建築構造の木造部に床剛性が与える影響,日本建築学会大会学術講演梗概集(東海), 構造Ⅲ, pp.293-294, 2012/09

    .7.The Research of Plan Mixed Hybrid Timber Structure and Parametric Equivalent  Brace Study of Floor Slab,Proceedings of World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE), Final Paper   Journal- Poster Papers, pp.27~32, Auckland, New Zealand, 2012/07

    .8.Conservations of the Traditional Japanese Wooden Buildings in Taiwan,Proceedings of the 8th ISAIA, Vol. B, pp.377~381, Kitakyushu, Japan, 2010/10

    .9.Experiment Study of the Bamboo-mud-wall Used In Taiwanese Historic Building,Proceedings of First European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, Geneva, Switzerland, 2006/09

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