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Introduction to undergraduate study at the Department of Architecture

The department is the first of its kind in Taiwan in higher education of architecture. The students of the four years program are graduated from famous vocational senior high schools in Taiwan in the disciplines of architecture, civil engineering, and design. In the prevalence of the diversified means of admission to higher education, the sources of students for admission to the department diversified. In additional to famous vocational senior high schools, students from other top-notch senior high schools in Taiwan also apply for admission to the department. Indeed, the department is one of the most preferred department at Taipei Tech for admission over the years. In supporting the development of internationalization, the department also accepted a much larger number of international students, overseas Chinese students. It was echoed with the exchange of foreign students and local students, which becomes a common practice for the time being. The diversity of the learning resources on campus environment and the competitive edge, the department expects to align with the world trend and dynamic in order to train best quality professionals in the field.


Introduction to the four years daytime program

The department provides training for students with theories in professional knowledge and practical skills at work, and also values professional ethics and independent thinking to motivate students to voluntarily express concern for the society, humanity, environment, and charity. This will be essential in education encompassing all aspects of development of the students. With the advantage of metropolitan environment in architecture education, the department focuses its curriculum design in architectural design which vertical linking the fundamental professional training in four years cutting across the 3 categories of history and humanity, urbanity and society, and environment and science. The courses cover the concepts, theories, practice, skills, methodology and tools of architecture, which provides the foundation and skills of professional knowledge required for architectural design.

Course Description

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