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International Competition

2019 International Competition, a total of 7 countries participated in the finals · Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan and other 24 works entered the finals

2019/05/15, won the [Bronze Award], the 6th Benchmark Fangzhong Cup International Building Structural Design Competition



2018 International Competition

2018/05/13, won the [Silver Award] "Mist", the 5th Benchmark Fangzhong Cup International Architectural Structure Design Competition



2018 International Asian New Talent Award [more than 300 works, entered the top ten and won the finalist award] 2018/07/30

Organiser : Far East "Asian New Talent Award"



2017 Cross-Strait Competition

2017/05/10, "2017 Entity Construction Design Competition for the City of Light on the Strait of Rain"