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Specially-employed professors


Professor and Dean of the School of Design

Industrial Land and Urban Development, Urban Ecology and Urban Design, Planning System and Housing Policy, Sustainable Architecture

Lab Name: Urban Ecology Lab
Laboratory location: R852-2
Tel: 02-27712171 ext #2915
Laboratory extension: #2915




current job • Professor, Department of Architecture, Institute of Architecture and Urban Design, National Taipei University of Technology
Education background • PhD in Engineering, Kaslu University, Germany
• Master of Engineering, University of Kasluh, Germany
• Bachelor of Architecture, National Cheng Kung University
main experience • Dean of the School of Design February 2017 ~ year month
• Head of International Cooperation Team, International Affairs Office, National Taipei University of Technology, August 2010~February 2011
• Taipei City Urban Renewal Committee 2010~
• New Taipei City Urban Design Committee 2015~
• Keelung City Urban Design Committee 2016~
• Keelung City Urban Planning Commissioner 2016~
• Director of Taipei Urban Renewal Promotion Center 2016~2018
• Head of Department of Architecture, National Taipei University of Technology 2004~2007
• Director, Institute of Architecture and Urbanism, National Taipei University of Technology 2004~2007
• Consultant, Executive Yuan National Land Planning Promotion Committee August 2001~
• Member, Public Works Inspection Committee, Department of Health, Executive Yuan August 2001~
• Member of Taipei City Government Urban Design Review Committee August 2001~
• Taipei County Government Urban Planning Committee December 2003~
• Dean, School of Art and Design, Huafan University from August 1999 to July 2003
• Head of the Department of Architecture, Huafan University, August 1995 to July 1999
• Member of Taoyuan County Government Urban Design Committee October 2001 ~ September 2002
Qualification certificate • Diplom -Ing. Architekt, Germany
Teaching achievements • Design Hall 852-2 Ecological Urban Design
• architectural design
• Residential construction and development
• Urban ecology
• Environmental planning and management
• Community planning and disaster preparedness
• Industrial land and urban development
• Urban Ecology and Urban Design
• Planning system and housing policy
• Building social programs
• Completed dissertation (dissertation abstract retrieval system)
Journal Papers - Abroad • 2018年1月27日- Modeling of Building Energy Efficiency Based on Green Rating Systems in Subtropical Climate.
• 2018年1月27日- Surveying the Thermal Properties of an Urban Heat Island Vertical Structure Influenced by Subtropical Solar Radiation
• 2018年1月27日- Research on Meteorological Diversity Scenery and Tourist Preferences in Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan
• 2017年10月09 日-The Enthalpy Distribution in Subtropical Urban Heat Island
• 2017年1月19日-The Influence of bryophytes’hygroscopic and dehumidification on the living thermal environment
• 2016年5月10日-Effects of Paints for Building Envelopes on Indoor Thermal Insulation in Subtropics
• 2014年3月-The Effectiveness of Landmarks in the Orientation and Mobility of the Visually Impaired.
• 2014年2月-A Planning of Campus Environment Identification System for Students with Visual Impairments
• 2014年1月-Effects of Exterior Sun Shades on Heat Transfer by Solar Radiation
• 2014年1月-The Influence of Ventilation on Reducing Temperature in Subtropical Dwellings via Enthalpy .
• 2014年1月-The Cooling Effect of Tree Canopy on Thermal Environment in View of Enthalpy. Radiation,
• 2014年1月-Influence of spatial layout on airflow field and particle distribution on the workspace of a factory.
• 2013年12月-An annales school-based serious game creation framework for Taiwanese indigenous cultural heritage
• 2013年10月-A Study of Environmental Perception Patterns of the Visually Impaired and Environmental Design
• 2013年9月-Computer Assisted Handicraft Course Instruction
• 2013年6月-An Annales School-Based Serious Game Creation Framework for Taiwanese Indigenous Cultural Heritage
Journal Papers - Domestic • March 24, 2018 - Study on Thermal Insulation Benefit of Structural Combination of Building Openings
• March 24, 2018 - Exploring the influence of shell wall orientation and building heat load in thermal environment with total equivalent temperature difference
• March 24, 2018-Discussion on the key factors affecting the heat transfer performance of subtropical urban building shells
• March 24, 2018 - Discuss the influence of urban ground heat capacity on the thermal environment of the air around the surface
• March 24, 2018 - Exploring the impact of community ecological pools on thermal comfort in microclimates
• January 2018-Research on thermal insulation performance and energy saving benefits of inorganic mineral powder coating materials in concrete building shells
• December 17, 2017 - The impact of green space structure in subtropical urban parks on human comfort
• December 17, 2017 - Exploring the effects of different weather patterns on thermal flow through the building envelope from a heat capacity perspective
• December 17, 2017 - The impact of urban form on the summer thermal environment in subtropical regions
• December 17, 2017 - Evaluation of thermal insulation coatings to improve building mass and site heat emission performance in sub-zone climates
• December 17, 2017-Research on the thermal insulation effect of cement powder light additives for building shells
• December 17, 2017 - Study on the influence of thermal capacity of urban surface materials on the environment of geothermal application
• June 26, 2017 - Indoor microbial aerosol testing and design review of long-term care institutions
• June 10, 2017 - Statistical discussion on the influencing factors of subtropical summer urban thermal environment using weather pattern data
• March 26, 2016 - Discuss the impact of thermal insulation coatings on building shells on the indoor thermal environment
• April 2013 - Traceability and Rebirth: A Study on the Classification and Application of Taiwan Aboriginal Architecture Historical Materials by Suketaro Qian Qianyan
Books • Design also blows mix and match wind Thinking of Interdisciplinary Design
Guide student papers •Jian Youlun - Passive Control of Subtropical Areas by Architectural Design
•Li Yiyang-Discussing the potential and limitations of using convection ventilation in subtropical buildings from the perspective of enthalpy
•Gao Peixuan-Discuss the benefits of thermal insulation coatings to improve the internal environment of building shells
•Chen Hongzhen-Exploring the influence of urban form on thermal environment comfort in subtropical regions with structural equation model
•Zheng Deyu - Influence of green space structure planning method on human thermal comfort in subtropical urban parks
•Liu Ziqi-Influence of building shell heat storage capacity and whole-day heat budget on indoor thermal environment
•Du Yingru-Discuss the relevance of urban planning elements to the heat storage of the ground environment from the perspective of heat capacity
Instruct students to win •On June 30, 2018, instructed students to participate in the Taiwan Architecture Society and won the "2017 Excellent Master Thesis Award".
• January 27, 2018 International Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Management "excellent paper award"
• On December 17, 2017, the "2017 Excellent Master's Thesis Selection" held by the Taiwan Architectural Society was selected.
• On October 6, 2011, the "2010 Excellent Master's Thesis Selection" held by the Taiwan Architectural Society was selected.