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Administrative staff

Name Job Title Work Content Contact
SHOU,JING-JING teaching assistant 1. Personnel (appointment of full-time and part-time teachers, appointment of administrative staff of the department office, promotion and evaluation of full-time teachers) Contact number : 02-27712171#2902
2. Admissions test (entrance examinations for university departments, master's classes, master's classes) Email:jjshou@ntut.edu.tw
3. Initial document
4. On-campus/off-campus scholarships
5. research and development
6. Alumni
MEI,YUN-JHEN Administrative team member 1. (After enrollment) educational affairs (including course affairs, part-time teacher coordination) Contact number : 02-27712171#2908
2.(After admission) Academic Affairs (including tutors) Email:yunjen@ntut.edu.tw
3.Admissions promotion
4. Architectural education certification and other related evaluation services
5. department assistant
LYU,LIANG-JHIH Technician 1. Procurement and maintenance of equipment and space management (including space renovation projects) Contact number : 02-27712171#2904及2916
2. safe environment Email:llc@ntut.edu.tw
3. access control
4. Department of property management business
5. Department's website and Internet-related business